Using my music in your projects is generally allowed and encouraged. This FAQ answers the most common questions about the usage scope, and also brings some light into the occasional confusion about licenses. If there are still questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

What can I use?

You are welcome to use my entire Bandcamp Music catalogue

Please understand that any reuse of visual material (YouTube videos, screenshots) is not permitted. Please read the question “Can I reuse your video content?” for more info.

For licensing reasons I also have to restrain the usage of the Sound Ambiences (sound effect compilation without music), which are added as a bonus file on certain album purchases.

Where can I use it?

You can add my music in every digital media project that is non-commercial. YouTube Videos, Twitch streams, D&D Podcasts, University Game Projects - all fine and encouraged!

Please read about the use restrictions stated below.

How can I use it?

All media using my music needs to have attribution (Artist name, track or album title(s) used) in the description, with a direct URL link to my Bandcamp profile:

For projects where source files of the music tracks are accessible or can be extracted (example: Game Mods) the quality of the music files must not exceed a bitrate of 128kbps.

You may not modify, resample or remix my music without explicit permission. However, you can make edits that allow for proper audio placement in your media project. Those exceptions include cutting in length, fade in/out, as well as non-creative frequency and dynamic adjustments to fit my music into your overall audio mix.

Are there any restrictions?

No Downloads

You may only use my music as a part of something that you create. Providing downloads or repackaging my music is not allowed.

No Derivative Works

You may not use my music in simultanious context with another music production or composition. Combining my tracks, also in parts or resampled, with any other musical elements during their playtime requires my explicit consent. Means: If you'd like to get creative with Rap beats, Lo-Fi versions or generally making a new piece based on my music, we need to talk about that, first. Note: Music playlists with short fades in between are okay.

No AI Training

The use of any of my musical works, graphical creations, and texts for the purpose of training, developing, or improving artificial intelligence (AI) models is strictly and comprehensively prohibited.

No Offensive or Controversial Use

Usage of my music is strictly not allowed for hate/ racist/ political/ religious/ idiological/ NSFW and other controversial or offensive content. I want my music to connect people, not to drive them apart. I reserve the right to take action against any content that ignores that restriction.

What about commercial usage?

If you want to use my music on media that is either restricted by a paywall or you make money with it (including advertisements, promotional usage or YouTube Monetization) you need an explicit license for that. Please contact me on or Contact with information about your project and how you intend to use my content. I offer fair licensing options for such cases.

Can I reuse your video content?

No, sorry. I’d like to have the video content exclusively on my YouTube channel. I do respect fair use, but if it’s not covered by its boundaries I may ask to remove that content.

I would rather like to encourage you to build your own visuals with Unreal Engine 4. It’s not very complicated, nor do you need expensive asset packs to get first results. I’ll be glad to send you a few links on resources on how to get started, just drop me a message.

Is there a risk of receiving content claims or DMCA takedowns if I use your music?

No, my music is not registered for DMCA and never will be. Same for Content-ID.

Is your music Creative Commons or copyright-free?

No, formally my music is still “All Rights Reserved”, with the exceptions explained above. That's mainly a formality: Labelling my music as “Creative Commons” or “copyright-free” would hold several issues regarding my own commercial exploitation (like publishing on Spotify). That doesn't change the fact that you can use it under the terms stated above.