• Release Date: 1st Mar, 2024
  • Length: 21:14
  • Style: Orchestral


In the summer of 2023, after enduring a cascade of life-altering challenges, I found myself at an unforeseen crossroads. It was a point where everything I had known seemed to crumble, leaving me in a state of utter vulnerability. Unable to work, sleep, eat, or find solace in creativity, I was compelled to pause, breathe deeply, and reassemble the scattered pieces of myself. I knew I had to completely recalibrate my life’s direction, letting go of all preconceived notions and stepping out into the unknown that I had been so afraid of. So I packed the car and hit the road, embarking on a solitary journey northward—without any plan or destination, fueled by nothing but a strange intuitive feeling that this was the right thing to do.

The journey took me from Germany through Denmark and Sweden, and deeper into Norway. Each phase of the trip offered its own unique blend of landscapes and experiences, collectively contributing to a voyage of deep self-exploration and unexpected revelations. It was more than just a trip; it was a deep dive into my own inner being, a quest for clarity that I only realised I was on as I moved forward. With every new landscape, every serendipitous encounter, and every unexpected twist, I discovered pieces of myself and the world that I had missed before. It became clear that the answers I was looking for weren't going to be found in the comfort of the known, but out there, on the road less travelled.

"Vistas" encapsulates this transformative journey across summer and autumn of 2023, each track symbolising a pivotal moment of realisation and rebirth: "Epiphanies" mirrors the profound self-discovery that dawned upon me while journeying through Sweden and Norway; "Butterflies" captures the exhilarating surge of new beginnings and connections; "Moments" delves into the deep, understanding bonds formed along the way; and "Vistas" is a musical homage to the majestic West Highland Way in Scotland, a shared adventure that depicts the beauty and new horizons that this journey unveiled.

This release is a reflection of my path back to music, creativity, and the art of storytelling, marking a significant chapter in my life where embracing the journey itself was the key to transformation. "Vistas" is my ode to the beauty that unfolds when we dare to step into the unknown with faith and openness. Through this collection, I share not just these four compositions but a message of hope and renewal, inviting you to find your own vistas in the vast landscape of life. 


  1. Epiphanies
  2. Butterflies
  3. Moments
  4. Vistas