Tales & Legends
  • Release Date: 24th Dec, 2012
  • Label: D.Max Recordings
  • Style: Uplifting Trance,Progressive Trance


Original Mix

Bangin and full on melodical attitude. This is the world of trance produced by this outstanding talent. Gettin a nice touched feelin for the track with those vocal chops in the backround during the track goes it's way straight forward. Givin you some space and time until you will get hit by the full soundscapes of this belter. Welcome to the cinema. This could be the slogan of the amazing breakdown. The vocal on top is a true gift for this very special track.

DJ Roxy Remix

This version got a light progressive way. Not cause the speed but you got this feelin when you hear the bass. Pumpin and well built beatelements are used here. Goin his own way here by usin that cinematic feelin from the original and that nice vocals and create a very own interpretation. Adding some melodical sounds create this special own touch aswell.

JayB Remix

This remix could split some of the listeners. Delivering sounds for both styles of trance we provide most. Progressive beaty touched with this deep drivin bass and those uplifting melodical sounds aswell. This is some kind of mash between the borders. You will love the extra ordinary breakdown with this epic idea you can't see coming until you got hit by the storm of sounds.

Marc de Buur Remix

Another mash between the borders on this remix. You can't clearly say it's this or that style. Deeper sounds with a strong some kind of harder beat. Inside the break you will get the signature vocals for this production with a calm down moment inside. After the break it goes it's own way with some nice ideas to guide this track into another world of sound.

Sebastian Relius Remix

Clear deep sounds with a lovely techy touch which bring a special mood to the track. Another use from the vocal chops which are surely one of the signature elements of this track. Welcome to wonderland could be a fitting title for this nice breakdown with such a class feeling to get down and relax. Building it up inside the break to deliver that pure techy feeling again after you got punched by the full track.