• Release Date: 15th Sep, 2018
  • Length: 2:07:51
  • Style: Ambient


The ASKII Ambient Fantasy Music Series continues - After the journey under the open skies of Natura you are about to step through the gates of the underworld into the Vaults of Obscura. Travel through deep dungeons, cavern mazes and ancient catacomb cities. Discover their sad history and cruel secrets, and maybe you will find the treasures and fortunes you are looking for. Though, be aware, adventurer! You should hope your presence may go unnoticed by the evil lurking in the dark!

Whether you need background ambience for DnD sessions, the right atmosphere for reading or just enjoying some dark Ambient music, Obscura builds tense horror soundscapes inspired by RPG like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion/ Skyrim and The Witcher. 


Your journey begins in the brutal Dungeons of the Old Emperors, a huge underground complex built deep into the mountain. Numerous myths and legends are surrounding the prison. Whoever was incarcerated down here never made it out alive - they were condemned to fight for food in gladiator arenas and work in the mines deep below the dungeon. It is abandoned since a big riot a century ago, little is known about the incident. Town folk says criminal scum likes to use it as hideout now, so better be prepared!

Through the old city’s sewer network deep below the dungeon you make it into a natural cavern system that leads you further into the mountain. It seems inmates of the Dungeon working in the mines overwhelmed the prison guards, teared apart the separation walls and tried to escape through the cave system. Little did they know what they were running into... 

Dozens of references throughout the whole realm tell of the First Civilization. Primal and cruel, they built huge cities miles underground - vast temples to worship their Lich Kings with Pagan rituals. Only few of these ruins have ever been found, with their capital (in the books referred to as “Obscura”) remaining lost - just like the adventurers who tried to find it. Nothing is known about their fate. But step in and see for yourself!


  1. Obscura (Full Album)
  2. Down The Dungeon
  3. Left Behind Bars
  4. Echoes Of Sorrow
  5. Evil In The Deep
  6. Sewers
  7. Corpses In The Water
  8. Somebody There?
  9. Cavern Riddles
  10. Too Many Legs
  11. Dead Man's Treasure
  12. Reach
  13. Forgotten
  14. Tension
  15. Abyss Of Souls
  16. Restless
  17. Dark Whispers
  18. An Empty Grave