Isverden: Rituals
  • Release Date: 18th Nov, 2022
  • Length: 29:57
  • Style: Viking & Shamanic


After the journey through ice and snow you return to the frozen mountain valley of Isverden. The sun is setting over the horizon as you are following rumors and evidence about dark pagan rituals while you make your way back to the stone circle. What are you going to find? Is it really what you thought it would be? How far is it from the shadows into the light? The choice is yours to make.

Isverden: Rituals features 30 minutes of Viking inspired orchestral and ambient fantasy music. Discover the winter forest and mountains in the colors of a foggy sunset. The valley isn't deserted, who lit the candles and torches? Your quest may not be how you expected it.


  1. The Dark Lands
  2. Mist
  3. The Ancient Path
  4. Into the Light
  5. Elderwood
  6. Blood Moon
  7. Dannigsfjorden
  8. Longhouse