• Release Date: 22nd Nov, 2019
  • Style: Orchestral,Ambient,Soundtrack


Delve once more into the musical world of the ASKII Ambient Music Series. Campaign: Journey to the Medieval City of Hegelburg, and the surrounding villages.

Perfect for your next D&D Adventure, Tabletop Session, reading or just enjoying the atmosphere. Mastercrafted, and precisely balanced for immersion. Lose yourself in a world of adventure.

Located on the Eastern front of the realm, Hegelburg has been the Crown Jewel of trade, and a Bastion of Defense for the Riverlands.

Its Towers, overlooking the River Hegel have held off not only the Eastern Hordes, but now hold The Feathered Horn, a tavern renowned for mythic food, and even grander company.

Walk the many streets and byways and uncover the Magic.


  1. Woods
  2. The White River
  3. Harvest
  4. Sails
  5. Old Tales
  6. Dawn
  7. Picturesque
  8. Prosperity
  9. City Of Emperors
  10. Look From Above
  11. Sanctuary
  12. The Hellion Tavern
  13. ASKII Feat. Stimmbar - The Feathered Horn (Epic Version)
  14. Beacon Of Cyrodiil
  15. Through The Mountains