Hegelburg at Night
  • Release Date: 4th Dec, 2020
  • Length: 43:42
  • Style: Relaxing


See a new side of Hegelburg, now at rest, peacefully under an aurora sky. Its streets lit in lamplight, the city is protected from the wilds of the night with its sturdy stone walls. Experience the magical and mysterious moments of this adventure ASMR ambience. Perfect for your RPG tabletop game, reading, relaxing or sleeping.


  1. Afterglow
  2. Aurora Sky
  3. Midnight Wanderer
  4. Guided by Stars
  5. Sparks
  6. Moonsong
  7. Ethereal
  8. Illuminate
  9. Night's Glow
  10. City at Rest
  11. A Thousand Lights
  12. Till the Morning