• Release Date: 15th May, 2017
  • Length: 6:52
  • Style: Soundtrack,Orchestral


The world of Ardeen is a place full of magic and mythical creatures. A fantasy saga written by Sigrid Kraft, which evolves with a lot of humor and irony showing that also great wizards have to deal with rather ordinary everyday problems.

"The Ardeen Saga" is the initial Soundtrack composition created for the first video trailer of the book series. It takes an epic and cinematic journey with gothic elements to have its finale in an uplifting mainpart.

"A Realm Far From Home" draws a darker picture. It was made for the video trailer of the Ardeen special edition "In einem fernen Land". Two of the main characters are held captive in a realm far from home. But instead of a quick escape one disaster is haunted by the next.

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  1. The Ardeen Saga
  2. A Realm Far From Home