Inside A Dream
  • Release Date: 14th Nov, 2013
  • Length: 39:24
  • Label: D.Max Recordings
  • Style: Progressive Trance,Uplifting Trance


Original Mixes

Premiere time for this nice german collab here on our mainlabel. Bringing you a perfect combo between some of the main styles in trance. Driving through the whole production with progressive beats uplifting melodies and clubby tech trance sounds on top. Truly a euphoric ride through the whole production with only small places to take a breath and get yourself prepared for something big.

Curtis Young Remix

Beeing on release add some time ago with a stunning single release plus a asot supported remix inside he is now here on our mainimprint to deliver this acid driving remixproduction for the lovely original. Driven beats with acid on top and filthy sounds through the whole track make this one a true club belting production with a special attitude inside.

Marc van Gale's Tech Remix

Another german producer here on this release to show you his skills and passion for producing trance tunes like this one you will get from on this remixproduction. Catching some of the main signature elements from the original and driving this remix into a whole other side of trance. Big room sounds all the way to make yourself dance.

Stephane Badey Remix

Becoming quickly one of the labels favourite producer he is already back on remixduties as you can see his touches here on this remixwork. This track combinates perfectly all of the major styles of trance in one production plus starting with openeing sounds to bring this track as a setopener. Great journey through his very own soundscapes he delivers here on this work.